Hello! Thank you for checking out my Angel Accents Blog. I am still using this blog but have been uploading my most recent items to my Facebook Fan Page. I am able to upload more pictures and interact with customers a little easier. Please check it out. Everything on my blog is there, but there are several more pictures, new designs, and NEW items! The link below should take you directly to it. Everyone can view it, even without a personal Facebook account.

Angel Accents by Amy Barrett

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Amy Barrett

Personalized Lunch Boxes!!!

Just in time for back to school are these cute, personalized, insulated lunch boxes. They are available in red, light pink, purple, lime green, royal blue and hot pink.

The girl lunchboxes are embellished with a rhinestone flower and matching ribbons on the zipper. The flowers,ribbons, and thread color are available in most every color.
The lunchboxes for the boys have their name appliqued across the top of them. More can be added upon request.
Girls lunch box $18 each
Boys lunch box $12 each

Emma's Flower Pens

Just in time for Back To School Emma has created some adorable flower pens. All colors of flowers are available. We used Sharpie pens and flowers of all sizes - and you can't forget the bling! These are the perfect accessory for any desk or locker. They also make adorable teacher's gifts and can be made to match school colors.Pens are $7 each.

Personalized School Boxes or Pencil Boxes

Love these!! These are just in time for BACK TO SCHOOL. These school boxes, or pencil boxes, can be personalized in almost any color scheme. The boxes come in pink, lavendar, blue or green. THey can be made to match any lunch box or backpack. There are several other fabric options pictured on my Facebook fan page, The link is at the top of my blog, or copy and paste this address! The pencil boxes are in the Back To School album :)

Other cute fabrics are footballs, basketballs, soccerballs, and baseballs for boys. School colors are also popular.
Each pencil box is $20

Infant Flower Hats

These cotton knit hats are adorable for those sweet new babies! The hats are infant sized and come in pink or white. The rim of the hats roll up, making them adjustable for your growing little sweetie. Flowers are available in red, light pink, white, cream, yellow, lavendar, green, or purple. Each flower has a rhinestone center. Each hat is $18.
Check out my hat stands also.

Hat or Headband Stands

Do you need something to keep your infant hats or headbands safe from getting smashed? I did so I put these together. Each stand will hold 1 hat or several of the nylon headbands. They come in 2 sizes. The 5" will hold the infant hats or headbands and the 6" will hold the toddler hats or headbands. Each stand is $15.

Personalized Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories

The first hair accessory pictured is the flower barrettes. They are available in any color and have a rhinestone center. They are attached to a 1" barrette but can be bigger, if requested. They attach to infant headbands, or can be worn alone on bigger girls. I love using them with pig tails, as pictured. Each barrette is $8

The next hair accessory pictured is the nylon headbands for infants. These are wonderful because they are soft and strechy so they won't leave indentions on your baby's head. They come in 2 sizes, 0-3 months and 3 months and up. They are available in red, pink, white, cream, black and navy. Can do other colors upon request. Each headband is $5.

The other hair accessory is a new item! It is a fabric covered button that I have monogrammed and made into a barrette. The one pictured is pink and green, but I can do any color scheme. They are currently only $8!